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Baking Experiment

I made beef lasagna the other day, baked in a loaf pan. It was my first try; I didn’t know how it will turn out. I just followed the recipe found at the back of the instant lasagna sheets packing. … Teruskan membaca

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I’ve Been Tagged

I’ve been tagged by js. So here you are… 1. Your gender:♀2. Single?happily married3. Want to be?:I don’t want to be single at my age… susah oo mau cari jodoh, kena fight dgn awek2 yg muda… hoho but I wonder … Teruskan membaca

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Finally, we make a go to hold yaya’s dinner party semalam, 7 april. Walaupun pada mulanya rasa agak keberatan, but it’s not fair not to hold her birthday party, especially when fahmi dapat raikan birthday dia besar2an. Although it was … Teruskan membaca

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Not My Week

this week isn’t really my week.start from monday lagi rasa takde mood, betul2 down. for 2 days i tak bercakap kat ofis, bukanlah tak bercakap langsung, bila org bertanya of course i jawab, but even my boss pun i ignore. … Teruskan membaca

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April Is Here

April… April means birthdays, lots and lots of birthdays to celebrate. April is a significant month coz my precious little princess Wan Soraya Zahirah @ Yaya was born in April. Today, she is two! My niece, Sharifah Sharina @ Nana … Teruskan membaca

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