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A Glance At My Nursing Days

It has been 1 ½ mths since I stopped bf (read breastfeeding not boyfriend) yaya. Alhamdulillah it wasn’t so hard to make her stop bf. The first 3 weeks was trying. I hug her and told her that shes grown … Teruskan membaca

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Family Gathering

It was hard to get the whole family gathered not even on hari raya. tau2 jelah when 3 out of 4 siblings married, yang 3 tu mesti kena ikut giliran balik beraya, left only the youngest one to celebrate raya … Teruskan membaca

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That Boy Of Mine

an old friend of mine who was also my bridesmaid is now in labour. she is due to deliver her 1st child anytime any second from now. we sms-ed petang tadi, the last thing she mention was that shes been … Teruskan membaca

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Very Berry Discovery

call me jakun if you want, but for someone who has never been out of the country, I’ve never get to experience what a fresh sweet juicy strawberry taste like until yesterday! if that makes me a jakun… so be … Teruskan membaca

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Carricature of Yaya

before anyone get confused let me just tell you that it is a carricature of yaya. me and hubby both agree that the piece of art doesnt really resemble yaya, tapi mata tu adalah sikit2 macam mata yaya, plus i … Teruskan membaca

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Craving For…

craving for food! macam orang pregnant plak teringin nak makan itu ini. i blame it all on pms… heheh usually i wud crave for chocolates, but this time i crave for: 1. fish… not just any fish but dory fish. … Teruskan membaca

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Cheeky Way To Make Lasagna

jom main masak2? i owe a few readers yang asking for the recipe… uh uhhhh… i’m not an expert at cooking, so frens if you guys wonder how i make the lasagna, this is my way(cheeky way) of making lasagna. … Teruskan membaca

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