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Run Forest Run…

ask myself : what do u do when u have problems? I may seem like such a calm person in the outside, but inside am like a bomb waiting to explode. if u can scan into my brain, u can … Teruskan membaca

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To Laugh or To Cry?

I don’t know whether ‘this’ is an omen that I am fated to settle down and spent the rest of my life in sban or just a joke… while cracking my head buat kira2 congak darab bahagi and digging into … Teruskan membaca

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Love At First Sight

I know its not the right time for us to buy/invest on a property. but I fall in love at first sight with this house. God I wish the house is mine! at a first glance it may look like … Teruskan membaca

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Cooking Cravings

I was struck by a cooking fairy. She cast a spell on me, made me had this craving for cooking. Although my body ached and haven’t fully recovered from the hectic journey early of the week, I just cudnt push … Teruskan membaca

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An Ode To Beloved Grandma

Grandma or fondly known among the grandchildren as Mok passed away on the hospital bed on 10 june at 12.30noon. My auntie was the last person at her side before she peacefully closes her eyes. The word ‘closes her eyes’ … Teruskan membaca

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Poor Fahmi

fahmi was stung by a bee (hubby says tebuan) on his left feet. my poor boy was waiting for me searching for his slippers to be put on coz mama nak bawa fahmi mandi malam2 buta jam 10mlm kat bilik … Teruskan membaca

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Yes… finally we got our passports! after turning the house upside down searching for the kids birth certs & hubby’s old passport, a trip to the police station making a police report for lost certs & passport, we finally get … Teruskan membaca

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