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Baking Experiment II

i made chicken curry bun this afternoon. my first experiment after many many years, i used to make sausage bun and cinnamon roll during my teenage years, but i’ve discarded the idea of baking sebab i don’t have an oven … Teruskan membaca

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Bedtime Stories

i used to dream that if i have children one day i’d make time to read them stories before they go to sleep. i like the idea of parents (mum or dad) reading stories to put their children to bed. … Teruskan membaca

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Counting The Day

everyone is counting the days towards Malaysia’s 50th Merdeka Day.i’m counting the days as well, looking forward to the days off from work inconjuction with the merdeka & hubby is in dire need of rest… we thought of going … Teruskan membaca

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Pajama Hunting

i wanted to buy new pajamas for yaya. she has certainly grown up, grown taller thou in my eyes she appears no difference from the little midget she was masa 2nd birthday party dulu. i noticed recently when i pulled … Teruskan membaca

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What Would I Do This Weekend?

hubby had a very busy schedule this weekend starting from tomorrow, leaving me and the kids with nothing to do. he’d be leaving to johor tonite, attending to the necessities for a 2-days worksyop for the secondary students which he … Teruskan membaca

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Ikano Shopping Spree & The Story Entail

i am no angeli’m not ‘immune’ to temptations it was supposed to be a ‘survey’ jalan session because we’ve never been to ikano before despite the close distance from our place. so one fine sunday evening when we have no … Teruskan membaca

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Ti’s Wedding

as i mention in my previous entry, this month we have a wedding to attend. it is Ti’s (my cousin) wedding in KT. came saturday morning, we left subang quite early taking the karak hi-way and LPT heading to pantai … Teruskan membaca

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