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Little Purchase

i had a business appointment at pusat bandar damansara today. as i arrived early for the appointment, i went to kafe 2 musim at the ground level for a drink. had a glass of hot barley, lega skit sakit tekak. … Teruskan membaca

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Roasted Chicken

as promised. i made these for lunch today. Rosemary & Blackpepper Roasted Chicken 1 bird chicken 1 tbsp dried ground Rosemary (i use Italian mix herbs i.e. rosemary, thyme, oregano, basil, marjoram) 1 tsp black ground black pepper 3 tbsp … Teruskan membaca

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She Did It!

i hardly had the time (read, make time) to sit down with my children teaching them how to read or write. consequently both of them who are now 4 and 3, doesn’t know how to write properly and while they … Teruskan membaca

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Handbag Tag

tagged by sally. though i’m not a handbag person but it’s kind of fun playing along with this tagging thing. first let me say again, i’m not a handbag person, so i don’t have handbags for all occassion. i’d normally … Teruskan membaca

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Bee Zee

busy…i’ve been busy. busy filing up the forms. busy looking for reps. busy looking for best rate. busy compiling documents. busy doing submission.everything i do this week are all involve filing up forms, submission, payment and receipts.what a bee zee … Teruskan membaca

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Blogging Bug

this is what happened when i have free time. my fingers so itchy i can’t stop updating my blog. the result; 2 entries in one day. meaning; there were many many things happened recently that i didn’t have time to … Teruskan membaca

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Year End Goodies

this supposed to be my year end entry but somehow it was delayed. these are my year end goodies, complimentary from my boss’s wife. a remarkable lady who treats people fairly and equally regardless of your age, rank or title. … Teruskan membaca

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